AAA  offers a holistic security platform supplemented with total defense against the spread of cyber attacks within organizational networks, the cloud and mobility.

Threat Hunting & Incident Response

We provide threat hunting services and immediate remediation to proactively detect malicious cyber activities in which an organization aims to eradicate from their networks. These cyber attacks could have already bypassed existing security defences and urgent action is needed.


As part of responding to any security incursions our experienced security personnel will work with your IT team to work a plan and design to halt any persistent threats in your networks. We will provide updated and optimised security controls and policies to secure your business. As part of an incident response our team will identify the threat, analyse risk and damages to critical assets, and provide immediate and preventative remediation, uprooting the threat from the network and recommendations to optimise your security posture.

IT Security Audits

Our security consultants will provide a full threat assessment, IT audits to provide full visibility across your organisation.

We will look at existing security hygiene, controls, software, and processes that need to be in your environment. This will enable you to lock down on approved applications and processes that are necessary for your business and decrease any vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Breach and Attack Simulation Testing

Our Automated Breach and Attack Simulation is a new methodology for customers to continually validate their security posture.

It substantially decreases the advantage that attackers have over the defenders as customers can test their defences based on the latest TTP’s and malware. Customers can immediately see the ROI of being able to test the effectiveness of their current security controls, identifying any security gaps, and having the mitigation and remediation guidelines they need to close each gap.


Instead of waiting for periodic penetration tests and red team exercises – which are usually performed monthly, quarterly or annually – whose report they receive weeks after. They will gain their own repeatable, continuous, automated system, whereby they launch attack simulations daily weekly or continuously, fix their security controls, and then repeat the same sets of tests to ensure that the corrective steps they took are in fact effective. Our service takes the guesswork out of cybersecurity.

Pen Testing

We also provide Penetration testing as a one off or on a quarterly basis followed up by a full report for optimising risk management and compliance requirements.

Managed Services

Service Options we provide to compliment your expected security posture –

  • Implementing your security polices and access controls
  • Training, awareness and baseline configuration administration
  • Setting & Checking your security policies to a live running stage
  • Ongoing per request – On Demand – Simulated breach & Attack by Purple team (automated by software – seamless – doesn’t affect production environment. Can be tested against different vectors – email, endpoint, network, website, malware, techniques. These will show security gaps
  • Monitoring for unusual behaviour on users, files, hosts and network
  • Continual maintenance of your IT security and standards
  • Ongoing patch management, new asset onboarding, documentation and user profiling at H.O & Branch locations
  • Effective protection, detection and response across network, files and hosts as a proactive threat management service
  • DR/backups of Data, Data Protection, classification and labelling of confidential information
  • Setting auto remediation, incident response, behavioural analysis, network monitoring, anomalies and event reporting as a proactive threat management service
  • Monitoring your domains and email accounts against internet blacklist sites. Accounts shown on blacklisted sites will be advised and we provide steps needed to protect against these threats
  • Reporting and maintenance of your software licensing, hardware and endpoint assets. Covers all on-premise and in the cloud assets as per your agreed IT Security policies that we help establish within your business
  • Providing an ongoing threat Intelligence notification service to keep ourselves ahead of ever-changing attack variants that may cause harm in your business environments
  • Access to IT Lawyers for safeguarding intellectual property, employee contracts around IP and NDA’s that you may require from time to time

Onsite technical services – Available Nationwide and local to your needs

  • Computer engineers – Site Upgrades, Asset registration, Faults, Maintenance, Asset retirement, Replacement equipment
  • On site cabling, electrical, telecommunications, Data, Copper, Fibre, Wi-Fi WAP
  • Telstra Platinum Global Partner, Panduit Partner, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, CradlePoint & NBN specialisation

Our Security Platform Solution


  • AAA offers a holistic security platform supplemented with total defense against the spread of cyber attacks within organizational networks, the cloud and mobility.  
  • We provide the highest level of  security protection and defense against the spread of cyber attacks in an organisation’s network.
  • Our security solutions also cover Operational Technology dealing with utilities, power and water plants. The solutions we provide  have been tested globally from the largest financial companies to the most frequently attacked organisations and successfully demonstrated the unique protection, detection and automation capabilities to thwart advanced cyber attacks.


AAA’s radical approach simplifies and converges cyber defense so organizations can quickly and easily handle cyber-attacks and keep focus on what they do best – their business. We solve the issue faced by many customers of insufficient threat coverage and being overrun by manual operation. We  provide 360 degree visibility and protection across the entire environment – monitoring users logging in and out, executing processes, and monitoring internal and external network communication and hostbehavior. The platform defends organizations in cybersecurity – giving them the ability to instantly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise, the overhead of multiple products and the complexity of managing a fast-evolving threatscape. Our solutions  protect organizations from breaches by automated discovery and mitigation of all threat vectors across all attack stages. We protect the entire environment, by correlating users, files, network traffic and host activities with a complete set of threat prevention and detection tools. By unifying all aspects of breach protection in a single interface.


As cyber attacks keep increasing and bypassing existing security solutions we  bring a unique method of protecting against attacks and allowing organisations to spend less on point solutions or having to navigate through a minefield of false positives. This means the capacity to stop any cyber attack of any kind, completely including new and unknown attacks through the use of our patented security solutions. Some of the endpoint solutions we provide have been put to the test in hacker competitions globally with large financial rewards and proven to be unbreachable thus far. As a result  there is no longer an unceasing race of attacker, defender, and so on. Most importantly, there is no need for many layers of defense. There is no need to pursue and analyze large volumes of alerts and primarily the IT manager has peace of mind. We are happy to provide a POC trial and showcase our products to you.