Have you been referred?

After almost 30 years, most of our business comes from word of mouth referrals today.


Quite often, enquiries are along the lines of:


“…We are setting up a new business/office location and we need to work with a business that can help us coordinate all of our telco and IT needs. We would prefer to deal with a single supplier…”


“…Can you help us with ordering and managing all of our phone and data services with Telstra?…”


“…We would like to work with a business that can support the day to day needs of our business mobile fleet – from supplying new handsets to other moves and changes as required…”


“…We have just bought/sold a division of our business and require consulting to help us separate our IT and communications services.”


“I need to increase the Wifi footprint at our factory because we have increased the size of our stockyard…”


“…I’m a retail business and we have just rolled out a new application that requires wifi connection throughout all my stores nationally…”


“…We have a large campus running on OM1 fibre and want to upgrade our site to OM4 10Gb LAN speeds. We need your help in auditing and planning how to do this…”


“…I’m a retail store within a shopping centre and need my data and telephone lines connected/relocated to my store from the MDF…”


“…Our company has changed and our phone system no longer supports our needs. We need a solution that will accommodate our remote users working from home and our sales force…”


We are absolutely delighted when we are approached with an enquiry and told that our business has been referred by another happy customer.


So thank you, for taking the time to look us up. We look forward to hearing from you.