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Tools that help move quickly from an Analogue world to a Digital augmented workforce. 

Since the outbreak and so much pressure put onto organisations, it’s increasingly likely that one of the biggest beneficiaries of change to the workplace will be automation technologies.  

Today, my article makes a start on how to augment your workforce in a post covid sense, which shapes you from an analogue world and into the realm of the digital world. 

As the focus shifts from an operational necessity into “the future of work” and the “new normal”, eventually, the approach to automation technologies will become more strategic. 

AAA Communications is a local provider of effortless, easy-to-use data enrichment tools that we call “Exacto” (by HCL software), straightforward, easy-to-use data enrichment tools. 

With timely, clean, and structured data, you will significantly enhance collaborations and decision-making abilities by taking your digitisation steps to the next level of data enrichment.  

We support customers on their digitisation journey at every step with 110+ pre-built connectors that ensure faster implementations at lower cost with enriched Data now broadly available by the departments that need it most.

The Problem

  • Development time & costs are a concern? 
  • The hybrid working model is affecting your data enrichment.
  • Is unstructured Data still your biggest concern?
  • Departments expect more data made available to them! 
  • Paper-Digital workflows cost team’s their precious time! 
  • Is decision making taking too long in your business? 

Some use cases we commonly see! 

  • Administration supply chains get a speed boost when processing invoices and PO requests. 
  • Reduced manual intervention in order processing reduces errors, costs, and inefficiencies. 
  • They also improve the Accounts Payable cycle.
  • Data enrichment is helping broader business units with more visibility for timely decision making.
  • Digitise and enrichment of handwritten documents.
  • Lost or missing file notes not documented into central systems. 
  • Physical documents cost clients for retrieval, search, storage and pose security issues. 
  • Knowing your customers, visual image classification, metadata tagging, and data matching save more time for customer relationships with reduced administration costs.


How does Exacto operate?

Exacto has built a library of pre-built automation tools that get deployed quickly and save you many hours of implementation costs. By standardising popular business processes, training each solution via vast amounts of data has already been done.

The Exacto AI engine can read, be easily trained, transcribe, process, and direct information to where it is needed within your systems to reduce handling time and help work “smarter and not harder”.

Its core system is an intelligent automation engine that combines AI, ML and Computer Vision techniques with RPA. It also uses NLP to interpret, extract and read both structured and unstructured text and is designed to handle and identify any missing, unseen, or ill-formed data from handwritten documents, faxes, electronic documents and images.

We support many installation options for on-premises, private, and public clouds. There is also a specific solution for high-level security needs where a standalone Exacto machine can operate privately without connecting to the outside world.

It is now possible to have your systems live and running in typically less than two weeks. 

Barriers to entry 

The impact of the pandemic and the realities of conducting business during lockdown have undoubtedly highlighted the vulnerability of analogue business models. 

Enterprises will not come out of the pandemic the way they went into it, and a much greater understanding exists of what is achievable when traditional barriers are broken down. New automation technologies are akin remedies for today’s business challenges.

AAA sees the future of the workforce as a hybrid one, where digital colleagues carry out low-level tasks while augmenting with a human force that carries out higher-level exception-based business operations. 

These new hybrid working models may require organisational redesign at the strategic management level. The outcome of a hybrid working model makes Exacto responsible for delivering the repetitive, low-level manual tasks whilst enabling staff to focus on higher-level activities.


If your business is interested in taking a closer look at automation tools for a post-crisis world?

AAA Communications and HCL Software would like to offer our valued customers a complimentary POC (proof of concept) to show the power of enhancing your Data in the new digital age.

Let us show you how easy it is to operate Exacto tools for your “data enrichment” needs.

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