Data Infrastructure Services

Office, Branch & Warehouse

Site assessments and cabling remediation

Data cabling installation services

AAA has been managing Field tech representation since 1992, with a geographical reach throughout the Australian States, Territories. We will likely have a local engineer where your business needs service.

With local experience at the branch level, your requests can be completed sooner and with exacting standards by people who take immeasurable time to understand your deliverables and service needs.

AAA Communications will take utmost care of your telecommunications, data, and electrical cabling with our resourceful, friendly support desk, technicians, and engineers.

AAA provides installations with Molex, Siemon, and Krone for responsive action to ad-hoc service requests and more extensive requirements that need project management.

Our mission is to carry out your service requests seamlessly, on time and within budget.

Services offered

  • Site assessments for upgrades, acquisitions & relocations
  • Wi-Fi installations, upgrades and performance assessment
  • Break-fix maintenance requests
  • Cat 6 cabling installations
  • Optic Fibre Installation, Splicing, Termination and testing
  • SD-WAN implementations
  • Removal of legacy equipment
  • 4G/5G Signal improvement service
  • UPS Backup power protection 
  • Telstra Internet carriage services

We welcome your business inquiries that understand your requests and lead to delighted customer engagements and vendor relationships.

Site assessments for upgrades, acquisitions & relocations

Site assessments provide valuable insights into your network environment, enabling you to optimize performance, enhance security, and seamlessly integrate SD-WAN architecture. By leveraging these assessments, you can make informed decisions and successfully upgrade to an efficient and future-proof network infrastructure.

Site assessments involve evaluation of the existing LAN and wireless infrastructure, including network architecture, devices, connectivity, and performance.

By undergoing site assessments, here are some key benefits

  • Achieve a more streamlined and efficient network environment that meets today’s evolving needs
  • Assessment makes better-informed choices for customers when planning future investments or expansions
  • A thorough assessment provides insights into network strengths, weaknesses, bottlenecks, and areas that require improvement
  • Finding unknown IT vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced network security and remediation activities

Identifying Areas for Improvement

  • Based on the network assessment, areas for improvement can be identified.
  • This may include addressing network congestion, enhancing network security, improving coverage and signal strength, or integrating new technologies.
  • By understanding the current limitations and shortcomings, businesses can develop a targeted plan for addressing these areas during the transformation process.

Data & Electrical cabling services to get you up and running.

Consultancy, Site assessments

Telecoms Audits

Data services quotations

LAN cabling and componentry associated with Cat 6 cabling, Fibre, Wi-Fi & Data cabinets upgrades and installations

NBN cable shortfalls in your office

Sales & Rental of Routers, Firewalls, Content filters, Ethernet switches, PoE devices & Wi-Fi equipment

Customer equipment installations

Moves, Changes and Relocations

Telecom faults investigation & rectification


This is a list of electrical services we provide.

General Power – Upgrades, repairs, and new installations

Lighting – Upgrades, repairs, and new installations

Cabling – Repairs or re-wire of old cabling and new cabling

UPS’s for continuity & power back-up, Surge protection

Scheduled Bi/annual maintenance – Check for compliant functionality of circuit breaker RCD’s, test & tagging appliances, Smoke detectors, Emergency lighting, Updating timer relay switches (daylight savings)

Inspections – Compliancy inspections for faults, prospective homeowners, Insurance claims or for preventative measures

Appliance – New installations

Power analysis to reduce your carbon footprint

Home Office Data & Electrical cabling.

How do I set up my home office? This depends on the work you do, your environment and your individual needs. When working from home, WHS laws still apply, just as in the office.

A workstation that is set up correctly will assist postures that are safe, comfortable and easy to use to reduce the chances of musculoskeletal injury, eye strains and health problems associated with long sitting periods.