Digital transformations are now commonplace
and keeping up with Cybersecurity is a must.

Welcome to AAA Cybersecurity.

We complement your IT operations and look forward to providing you with Cybersecurity services. 

Our mission is to prevent the lateral spread and damage to your internal network, and with management, we help you validate, mitigate, and remediate threats proactively and fast. 

AAA Cyber makes you prepared for any cyber offensive with a hardened Cyber posture of any level of your choosing.

We provide a managed DNS solution and network control service to provide immediate protection against phishing and ransomware attacks. 

We recommend Cyber pen testing to validate your security posture, which provides all the pertinent information to guide you towards full remediation steps and advice needed to lock-down your Cybersecurity systems. 

Enforce acceptable web use to comply with internal policies anywhere on or off the network. Meet compliance regulations for internet safety.

Service Features

Red Team

An offensive Cybersecurity team – For Pen testing, known as a test for ethical hacking to evaluate your IP networking systems’ security. The pinnacle starting point to understand where to focus and remediate first.

Network Control

Prevents malware from execution. Protect roaming laptops & endpoints from spreading threats. Reduce lateral damage – No lateral movement of un-approved apps. Auditing applications in-use across the network. Block unauthorised applications from execution. Agentless Protection for specialist 3rd party specialist & OT equipment.

Phishing Protection Service

Stop threats over all ports and protocols. Protect Against Phishing and malware infections earlier, identify already infected devices faster, and prevent data exfiltration. Category-based content web filtering, allow/blocklists, and Safe Search browsing enforcement.

Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the most effective controls that an organisation can implement to prevent an adversary from gaining access to a device or network and accessing sensitive information to significantly make it more difficult for an adversary to steal legitimate credentials to facilitate further malicious activities on a network.

Ongoing management

We will proactively point out infected machines and possibly compromised machines that will need remediation and attention every day. We provide monthly advice and reports to explain how your environment has been functioning.

Help and Support services. From consultation through to your installation and completion.

We offer you a proactively managed Networking & Cyber security help desk and response team that is matched to your expected security posture.

We provide these services options to meet your security and management options.