AI Software and Automation

Digitisation starts with discovery sessions that qualify use cases, processes, and available data to prepare your services development.

We are all about transformation, digitisation, security, and automation.

Most of us would like to know how to switch on machine-driven augmented intelligence for our business needs.


We respond to the client’s unique innovations that embrace structured data, security, people, analytics, and the creation of prototypes & MVP’s, which provide refined working algorithms that meet ROI expectations.

We like to discover and refine problem statements, constraints, and innovative ideas to qualify and fine-tune steps and stages of work to deliver these and bring to life. 


AAA and our eco-system of partners and engineers are ready to manage and provide expert assistance to your data-driven automation needs that will deliver outcomes and ROI.

Automation Drivers

Software by IBM

By replacing human and menial repetitive tasks from each person, workers can concentrate on quality work detail.

Reduce the risk of errors that can occur in repetitive tasks

Reduce the transactional labour cost

Increase throughput and hence profits

Maintain our high quality of service

Which component tasks from each of the product flows do they undertake?

What events initiate a task in a product flow, and when do they handover a task to the next worker?

What are the proportions of task categories they spend their time on, in a week?

What menial, repetitive tasks do they seem to spend a lot of time on during the week?

What are the worst parts of their job?

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