We've become known
as "the glue"

Our Story

AAA Communications is an Australian owned business.


Established in 1992, AAA has come a long way from just connecting Sydney based businesses.  We now manage large scale projects and coordinate field engineers to nationwide locations across Australia and New Zealand.


Caring about the quality and success of each job, whether it be large or small, is crucial.
Our reputation is

“We always get the job done”.

We have grown organically and have a strong team and culture that consists of long time staff members.

We are proud to be a Telstra Enterprise Partner.  This means we have recognised capabilities and are engaged to work with Telstra’s account teams and their customers.   As our skillsets complement Telstra’s services, they can look to us to successfully assist with the delivery of their customer solutions.


We’ve been connecting customers to the internet way back when ISDN dialup with 64K channels gave you the fastest most reliable speeds. We’ve installed countless Telstra network services, VPNs, not to mention cabinets, routers and switches… Naturally, our service evolution continues into cloud technology.


Our team

We are serious about the delivery of high service levels and hence the team has been structured with product focus in mind and the mission of getting things done, at the right time, by the right person.


Our service delivery specialists

The team is comprised of individual focus on different Telstra product areas. Years of expertise mean that we have learnt to navigate through the Telstra lingo, understand their processes and what they deliver, and most importantly for our customers, how to get things done.


Our project managers

Always actively engaged in a customer project, our team are well practiced in the management of risk, time and budgets. Each individual is great at understanding the big picture, at communicating with people, and particularly with attention to detail.


Our field workforce coordinators

We are expert in translating the requests of our clients, and at selecting and coordinating the most suitable engineers no matter where in Australia or New Zealand, to correctly install or resolve faults with customer services as needed.


We have formed long term partnerships with our field engineers and like-minded businesses of varying certified skills. This means we have field technicians and key representatives in all major cities and regional townships, to ensure we can provide a local engineer wherever our clients may be.

We are also able to scale up our resources for larger projects as required, based on capability, experience and quality.

Our place in the market

Consistently, our value is best seen when co-ordinating and delivering service to customers that have multiple sites across a state or the country.
Whilst we aren’t focused on a particular industry, we do have many strong Australian Retail brand names amongst those we support.


Along the way, we’ve become known as

“the Glue”.


Our niche is in filling in the gaps in customised solutions. This means providing complementary capabilities (project and service management, and field technicians as hands and feet) to IT integrators and Telecommunications service providers to deliver on client requirements. This is the case either in new installations or break/fix situations.


We invite you to take a look at our Clients section for some stories.